Vertical ribbon blenders


Functional description and benefits:


Vertical ribbon blenders obtain a very high degree of mixing quality within the shortest time. Sophisticated mixing operations can be carried out regarding products with many different densities, granulation and consistency in larger production areas.


The material to be mixed quickly enters the conical or cylindrical mixing space through a correspondingly large inlet and is simultaneously distributed by the mixing tools. The mixing spiral, held by strong, specially designed support and distribution arms and linked to the centrally arranged drive shaft, transports the content from the core to the outside and upwards along the wall. The product being mixed glides downwards in the middle and is horizontally mixed by the distribution and mixing arms during its progress to the bottom. The complete content is kept in constant motion in alternating directions, there are no dead zones. Even with batches as low as approx. 10 percent of the capacity, the optimum mixing quality is achieved.


With variable speeds adapted to the mixing product, an extremely gentle mixing or addition of coarse-grained materials is possible, likewise an extremely intensive dispersion of fine powders, paints / varnishes or liquid materials is achieved through high speeds.


A large inspection door facilitates not only comfortable cleaning by hand, but also any necessary inspections. Automatic cleaning in place (CIP) and disinfection are possible. Clogging by highly adhesive products is counteracted with a nonstick lining. Installed in the cover next to the inlet are apertures for venting and non return values. The outlet gates and flaps completely cover the base plate, so no dead zones.



special advantages

  • Customized design
  • Mixing precision of min. 1:100.000 and higher for variable batches, even as low as 10 percent of the capacity
  • Fast mixing process
  • Desinged to be tempered for für product heating & drying
  • Large doors for cleaning & inspection
  • Automatic cleaning in place (CIP) and disinfection are possible
  • Vakuum-proof design
  • Usable for dry powders, pastes, doughs & wet components
  • Sturdy design
  • Optional design for the foods-, animal feed-, chemical- & plastics-industries
  • Optional dust explosion rated (ATEX)


with this product

CIP-able ingredient handling system <br> with an innovative IBC system
CIP-able ingredient handling system
with an innovative IBC system
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