Loss-in-weight feeders


Functional description and benefits:


Loss-in-weight feeders are implemented for the continuous dosing of floury and granular materials. The dosing capacity reaches from 20 up to 200 l/h.


Material is loaded into the inlet hopper. Paddles provide a continuous discharge into the dosing screw conveyor. A variable frequency drive regulates the speed of this high precision dosing screw.  After flow is prevented by a flow stop flap at the discharge end.


The easy cleaning, slide out design allows for a fast cleaning of the entire device without the use of tools.


special advantages

  • Continuous, safe material dosing
  • Fast & easy cleaning by slide out design of the face plate and
  • Optional design for the foods-, animal feed-, chemical- & plastics-industries
  • Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)


with this product

Material preparation system <br> for wafer fillings
Material preparation system
for wafer fillings
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