Pneumatic pressure and
vacuum conveying systems


Functional description and benefits:


Pneumatic conveying systems via positive and negative displacement enable a flexible transportation of a wide variety of bulk solids. Custom designed solutions provide a clean and reliable operation by using high-end, proven components.


The material is either pushed or sucked through the pipeline by means of a positive or negative displacement blower located on the corresponding end of the pneumatic conveying system. Rotary air lock valves, injector nozzles, or special feed gates feed the product into the pressurized conveying line.


At the end of the conveying line, the material reaches the receiving bin, where it is separated from the air.  A filter cleans the exhaust air of residue dust particles. Filter designs vary from jet filters with filter hoses (high filter performance) to filter cartridges, and can optionally be equipped with easy-cleaning, inspection and filter exchange systems.


General features of pneumatic conveying systems are a flexible, clean and residue free transportation of a wide variety of bulk solids, multiple pick up and multiple discharge locations.


  • Custom designed system solutions by our experts
  • Reliability and performance by implementing high-end, proven system components
  • Transportation over long vertical and horizontal distances
  • Clean, residue-free transportation
  • Minimum space required
  • Optional easy cleaning features of system components
  • Optional design for the foods-, animal feed-, chemical- & plastics-industries 
  • Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)


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