Dense phase conveying systems


Functional description and benefits:


Dense phase conveying systems allow a gentle and reliable material transportation combined with large throughput performance. They are suitable for materials with poor flow characteristics and highly abrasive materials.


Material is fed into the transporter, which is then sealed and pressurized. Depending on the system requirements, air pressure can be introduced at different locations. When the pressure reaches the specified level, the exit valve opens, transportation begins and the volume is conveyed into the receiver bin.


The system can be designed for a continuous and discontinuous material flow optionally utilizing a by-pass line with booster nozzles.




  • Custom designed system solutions by our experts
  • Custom designed transporter for a maximum on system performance and reliability
  • Optional easy cleaning features of system components
  • Gentle transportation
  • Transportation over long vertical and horizontal distances
  • Clean, residue-free transportation
  • Minimum space required
  • Optional design for the foods-, animal feed-, chemical- & plastics-industries
  • Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)


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Dosing and weighing system for <br> mineral and pharmaceutical mixtures
Dosing and weighing system for
mineral and pharmaceutical mixtures
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