Magnet Separators


Functional design and benefits:


For the separation of ferrous metals from bulk materials we provide magnet separators that are designed for the high requirements in the food industry.


Exactly matched to the respective industry sectors, material types, production stages, and conveyor types (free-fall sections, pipes, belt conveyors, ...), magnets are an efficient stand-alone solution or a reasonable add-on to inductive metal detectors and separators.


In many cases magnet separators are used to reduce the load on downstream detectors, separators, or sorting systems.


Our trusted partner for separation and sorting systems is Sesotec Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH with headquarters in Schönberg/Germany.


  • Designed for the stringent requirements in food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Removes the smallest magnetic metal contamination (even slightly magnetized stainless steel)
  • Ensures consistent high product quality
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Customer specific designs available
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